Indiana’s Indiana is dedicated to exploring and celebrating Robert Indiana’s childhood years in the state of Indiana and his artworks that celebrate the Hoosier homeland. Before he left the state for good in 1946, he lived in 21 different homes over his first 17 years. We will tell the story of Indiana through the places he lived, worked, played, and went to school.

If you have stories that you’d like to share about Indiana, please contact us and help build this project.

Also note that while the site is now live, it’s really a work in progress and will evolve along with the content. It was created by three dedicated fans of Indiana: Hadley (Tad) Fruits, Matt Gipson, and Richard McCoy. Tad’s the photographer, Matt’s the web designer, and Richard’s the writer.

The design of this project was inspired by Indiana’s painting The American Dream, I, which was his first painting sold at a gallery in New York. Alfred Barr purchased the painting for the Museum of Modern Art in 1961.

Over the years, we’ve developed a good relationship with Mr. Indiana and he’s in support of this project and still a fan of the Hoosier state. Richard has had many personal conversations with Indiana and even had the opportunity to visit him at his home in Maine, “The Star of Hope.”

About Robert Indiana

Robert Indiana was born on September 13, 1928 in New Castle, Indiana. Until 1959 he went by the name “Robert Clark,” but he changed his last name to “Indiana” because

“It’s home and it’s the place of most all of my pleasant memories [...] I chose it because it was my birthplace.”

His friends call him Bob, but for the sake of consistency, we will call him Robert Indiana. He has a newly-launched personal webpage, RobertIndiana.com, where you can find out all sorts of information about him.